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Published: 21.11.2013 @ 17:08 Category: Text Replies: 0

I have always wanted you. Since I saw your face and your eyes for the first time. "You can be lonely even when you are loved by many people, since you are still not anybody's one and only," Anne Frank said. I can't describe it any better. You are the only one who can make me truly happy right now. I think we love each other, just not at the same time. You are still in love with her, I am just here. I am here to support you, through your heartbreak, through something that I've been through myself. But you still love her, and I am still number two. It feels like I will always be. It makes me feel even more like a nobody than when I actually was. Maybe I should just leave, let you be.
Maybe it isn't our time now. I guess you will never look at me the way you look at her. I wish we could fit each other, that you could love me right now like the way I love you. I wish you could see me the way as I see you. I wish you would fight for me like I fight for you. I wish you could cry right now like I am crying for you. What literally hurts me the most, what kills me every evening, what kills me right now, is that you walk away when I open up for you. Why is it like that? How can you change like that? Is it meant to be that I am supposed to go through this shit? I cannot even describe it, to be a number two. It's really hard to wait around for something I know will never happen, but it's so much harder to give up when I know that you are all I want.

Text by Martine Sorthe

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